Trainings, workshops and seminars for companies

Trainings, workshops and seminars

The training sessions are organized to fit your organization.
The training sessions ensure the professional and personal growth of employees by improving their skills.
The training sessions are interactive, with many real-life examples, tests, and exercises. During the sessions, the participants receive clear instructions in the learning phase which they can implement in real-life situations right after the training.


The following programs are available:

How to negotiate successfully

How to become a top salesperson

How to recognize manipulation and lies

How to interpret body language

The “How to negotiate successfully” training is intended for:

  •  all natural and legal persons who want to improve their communication and negotiation skills;
  •  all natural and legal persons whose job involves interpersonal contact;
  • ·owners of small and midsize companies, entrepreneurs, managers, sales agents, and representatives;
  •  organizations that would like to improve the negotiation skills of their employees working in sales, marketing, procurement, finances, and other areas of business.

The “How to become a top salesperson” training is intended for everybody, as somehow everybody is selling something: products, services, skills, know-how, ideas… It is only about how good a salesperson one actually is.

The “How to recognize manipulation and lies” training is intended for everybody who wishes to improve their communications skills in their professional and personal life, to recognize the instruments of manipulation and lies, and to immediately take certain steps to avoid being their victim.


The “How to interpret body language” training is intended for everybody who wishes to learn the basics of nonverbal communication.

The training sessions are held at the company’s premises or at a location rented for the purpose of training.


For more information about the training sessions, send an e-mail to: